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After more than a decade helping top candidates get into top business schools, I have decided to wind down my MBA Admissions Consulting business.

Since 2009, I have spent more than 240 hours helping nearly 100 people purse their MBA dreams. I am currently writing a book, "MBA Admissions Secrets: How to Get into Business School," based on the expertise, processes and practices I've built over the last twelve years.

I will still be offering two services for MBA candidates: a final application review and a rejection/waitlist analysis (details below)

Final Application Review

Already completed your MBA application and looking for a professional "sense check" before hitting submit? Submit your entire application package, and receive honest, specific feedback on what the admissions committee is looking for, and how to tell your story even better.

What's included?

  • Complete application review: essays, resumes, recommendations, etc.

  • Receive a scanned copy of your application with markup notes and comments

  • Emailed summary of key recommendations for improvement

Price: $500

Ding Analysis

If you’re on the MBA waitlist or been rejected from business school, we can work together to help you move forward. Let's review your application and discuss what actions you can take now, uncover the factors that may have derailed your candidacy, and devise a strategy for business school reapplication.

What's included?

  • Complete application review: essays, resumes, recommendations, etc.

  • 20-minute phone call with specific feedback for improvement

  • Waitlist: action plan for next steps to increase chances of admission

  • Ding: in-depth analysis to understand what may have harmed your candidacy, and how to submit a stronger application next time

Price: $300

Here's what some of my clients have to say...

Harvard MBA, Class of 2019

Service: 360 Partnership

"I spoke with 6 different companies when first looking for an MBA consultant, and as soon as our consultation began I knew Jyll was the woman for the job. Many of the larger MBA consultancies will provide consultations with senior consultants then (without informing you) hand your case to more junior staff. Mission Accepted works in stark contrast; you work with Jyll exclusively, there is full transparency with commitment levels, time, and cost. Jyll personalizes her approach to suit your timeline and spends her time dedicated to getting you closer to your MBA goals. MBA Consulting is expensive, so get as much value out of the process as you can. My time spent with Jyll helped me articulate my narrative, highlight themes in my experience, and build my confidence. Jyll confirmed what I had always hoped: we aren’t just our quant scores, as future MBA candidates we need to express what we bring to the table, how we are different, and tell our stories proudly. Jyll is truly exceptional at this, and I cannot recommend her enough."

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NYU Stern MBA, Class of 2020

Service: 360 Partnership

"Jyll is simply incredible. A masterful storyteller, Jyll helped me craft the most compelling stories and essays for all my applications - in an extremely realistic and heartfelt manner. She is extremely sharp and quick with her analysis and crafted my "Me-on-a-page" document, so skillfully, it was as if she knew me for years! I was amazed with how well Jyll understood what a winning application looks like, and that too for all schools across the board - her experience is unmatched in this department. On several occasions, she pushed me to revise essays that I believed were complete, lending an entirely new perspective to them, and prompting me to include elements that I had glossed over or forgotten. She was there to answer all my questions and help me every step of the way. Jyll is definitely the consultant you need to navigate the the difficult and sometimes taxing admissions process. Above all, the most wonderful piece about collaborating with Jyll is that she genuinely cares about your applications and is heavily invested in your success, thereby giving your whole experience a very personalized approach which is exactly what you need! I would definitely recommend Jyll for all MBA aspirants out there. With Jyll, I can definitely vouch for the fact that you are in good hands!"

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Cornell Johnson MBA, Class of 2018

Services: Last Look, Mock Interview

"I signed up with Jyll for her 'last look' service as well as a mock interview. I would highly recommend them even for those candidates who believe they have a strong application. Taking it past Jyll will help you straighten out hard-to-spot logical flaws, and smoothen out rough edges in your essays and answers. Her detailed and constructive criticism will also bring you out of your comfort zone and weed out those redundant or banal arguments we tend to use as filler pieces. Thanks very much, Jyll!"

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Harvard MBA, Class of 2018

Service: Ding Debrief, 360 Partnership

"After chatting with half a dozen MBA admissions consultants, Jyll stood out. She is a one-woman show, doing this out of passion, not as a pure business, and she made sure to personalise our interactions from the very first Skype call. She does not offer cookie-cutter advice, and took the first hour to identify and isolate my unique strengths. Jyll was quick to review and revert on any material I sent her, and very flexible with timings (We managed to talk despite me being on Indian time and she being on Eastern Time). All her criticisms were to the point, and helped me showcase myself in the best way possible. I am very glad that I took Jyll’s help, and urge other applicants to do the same."

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