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360 Partnership

Booth MBA 2022. Jyll worked with me throughout the entire process and was instrumental in crafting a thoughtful and compelling narrative which ultimately led to my acceptance at Booth. Her systematic and personalized approach coupled with her exceptional ability to draw out what truly makes candidates unique sets her apart from other MBA admissions consultants. I can say without a doubt that I would not have gotten into a top program had it not been for Jyll! I highly recommend her services to anyone going through the MBA application process.

Booth MBA 2018. Jyll is a breath of fresh air in the competitive, snarky world of MBA admissions. I came into this process with no idea how to frame my story, but Jyll's tailored questions and you on a page" framework helped me approach the application with confidence. Her candid feedback and guidance every step of the way ensured that I was submitting the best application possible. But the best part about working with Jyll was her passion and dedication to my candidacy. She really "got" me, and helped ensure that the admissions committee "got" me, too. To anyone applying to business school who wants to have a true partner in the process, I recommend hiring Jyll.

Columbia MBA 2017. Jyll's support throughout the process and her ability to provide actionable, thoughtful and concrete feedback was a game changer. She helped push me over the finish line and create essays I was excited and proud to submit.

Darden MBA 2018. I owe you a big thank you! Darden is a great fit for me. An MBA is surely one of the best decisions I've made, and your help on the application process not only helped me get into Darden, but also some incredible job offers!

Haas MBA 2020. Thank you very much for all of your time and support along the process. It was incredibly helpful and I couldn't have done it without you.

Harvard MBA 2019. I spoke with 6 different companies when first looking for an MBA consultant, and as soon as our consultation began I knew Jyll was the woman for the job. Many of the larger MBA consultancies will provide consultations with senior consultants then (without informing you) hand your case to more junior staff. Mission Accepted works in stark contrast; you work with Jyll exclusively, there is full transparency with commitment levels, time, and cost. Jyll personalizes her approach to suit your timeline and spends her time dedicated to getting you closer to your MBA goals. MBA Consulting is expensive, so get as much value out of the process as you can. My time spent with Jyll helped me articulate my narrative, highlight themes in my experience, and build my confidence. Jyll confirmed what I had always hoped: we aren’t just our quant scores, as future MBA candidates we need to express what we bring to the table, how we are different, and tell our stories proudly. Jyll is truly exceptional at this, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Harvard MBA 2018. After chatting with half a dozen MBA admissions consultants, Jyll stood out. She is a one-woman show, doing this out of passion, not as a pure business, and she made sure to personalise our interactions from the very first Skype call. She does not offer cookie-cutter advice, and took the first hour to identify and isolate my unique strengths. Jyll was quick to review and revert on any material I sent her, and very flexible with timings (We managed to talk despite me being on Indian time and she being on Eastern Time). All her criticisms were to the point, and helped me showcase myself in the best way possible. I am very glad that I took Jyll’s help, and urge other applicants to do the same.

Harvard MBA 2016. I’m a female in finance, I went to college in the US and I’d spent time working in both NYC and London before applying to school. When I sent Jyll drafts of my essays, she had detailed notes about what she liked and why, and where she thought I could add more details or remove superfluous information. She was also easily reachable via email after the essay review, and helped me prep for the interview as well. The most valuable aspects of Jyll’s help were her familiarity with the culture at HBS, her openness about her own experiences while applying, and her honesty when reviewing my essay. She had clearly had a great time at HBS and shared stories with me that helped me get a feel for the school and whether or not I was a good fit, which I then conveyed in my application. She was candid about the stories she wrote about in her own application and why she thought the mix had been effective/successful, which helped me frame my own story in a more logical way. Finally, she offered both positive and constructive feedback on my essay, which helped to boost my confidence before submitting the application.

Kellogg MBA 2018. Jyll was fantastic - from essay direction to application strategy, her expertise spans across the entire admissions process. Her unique ability to identify and accentuate the strengths of my background proved instrumental to my success, and I could not be more satisfied with the help she provided!

LBS MBA 2020. I would like to thank you for all the effort put in by you in all my applications. Without your help, my story could never have come out so well.

MIT Sloan MBA 2017. More than anything I want to say thank you! Working with Jyll to build a framework around my background and goals helped me craft a coherent story in my essays, but even more than that, it gave me the confidence to be myself in the application process. I’ve been accepted to Tuck and MIT, and decided to attend Sloan.

MIT Sloan MBA 2015. For B-school essays, being able to narrate your story in a compelling and interesting way is just as important as highlighting your accomplishments. Before working with Jyll, my essays looked more like a resume that just listed my accomplishments. Jyll has a unique talent in which she is able to extract your strengths and narrate your story in a creative, compelling way that will differentiate your app from others. Given this strength and her experience with being an MBA student herself, she really understands the ins and outs of the process and was able to position my accomplishments in a unique way that was hard to do on my own.

NYU Stern MBA 2020. Jyll is simply incredible. A masterful storyteller, Jyll helped me craft the most compelling stories and essays for all my applications - in an extremely realistic and heartfelt manner. She is extremely sharp and quick with her analysis and crafted my "Me-on-a-page" document, so skillfully, it was as if she knew me for years! I was amazed with how well Jyll understood what a winning application looks like, and that too for all schools across the board - her experience is unmatched in this department. On several occasions, she pushed me to revise essays that I believed were complete, lending an entirely new perspective to them, and prompting me to include elements that I had glossed over or forgotten. She was there to answer all my questions and help me every step of the way. Jyll is definitely the consultant you need to navigate the the difficult and sometimes taxing admissions process. Above all, the most wonderful piece about collaborating with Jyll is that she genuinely cares about your applications and is heavily invested in your success, thereby giving your whole experience a very personalized approach which is exactly what you need! I would definitely recommend Jyll for all MBA aspirants out there. With Jyll, I can definitely vouch for the fact that you are in good hands!

Rotman MBA 2013. When I was applying to MBA schools, Jyll was an invaluable resource. She helped me with my essays for Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) and Schulich School of Business (York University). She read and edited each one thoroughly with detail and care. She gave me critical feedback, and helped me determine what areas to focus on and what which to place less emphasis on. She really cared to make my essays unique and to ensure that they made an impact. I was admitted to both schools and I accepted the offer from Rotman.

Wharton MBA 2019. I wanted to share the amazing news with you that I am attending Wharton in the fall! After all the stress of the application process, it is an incredible feeling to know what is next. I owe such a large part of this experience to you and your advice. You were always direct and fair with me, even when it meant I had to rework. You have no idea how grateful I am that you pushed me. Thank you, thank you.​

Mock Interview

Harvard 2+2 MBA 2023. Jyll was so valuable in preparing me for my HBS interview. She helped me better articulate my story and think quickly for questions I was not prepared for. More importantly, she told me what to watch out for during the interview. Her feedback and advice left me feeling confident for my interview. Thanks in large part to my mock interview with Jyll, I was accepted to the HBS 2+2 program. She really offers the best experience, and for a much more reasonable price than other services.

Harvard MBA 2020. Jyll helped me put my best foot forward come interview day. She asked prepared and thoughtful questions specific to my candidate profile and background, provided in-depth feedback on my responses, and identified key areas of improvement. Working with Jyll allowed me to walk into my interview with confidence that I was well-prepared. I have since been accepted into Harvard Business School and would strongly recommend her to all applicants.

Harvard MBA 2019. As someone who practiced interviewing with multiple consultants, I can honestly say that the mock interview conducted by Jyll prepared me perfectly for the real thing. Not only were some of her questions repeated in my interview, but her tone, pace and approach to the process were spot on. Thank you again Jyll!!!

Harvard MBA 2019. I paid for multiple mock interviews. Jyll simulated the real experience better than any of my other mock interviews. She also helped me craft my answers, overall story, and followed up with lengthy notes of feedback. I wouldn't have as been as prepared on interview day without Jyll's help.

Harvard 2+2 MBA 2019. I chose to work with Jyll for my mock interview as she was a 2+2 and has been through the same process. During the session, we started straight away with the mock interview without any small talk, making the whole experience real time. Jyll asked me a lot of well-prepared and smart questions, tailored specifically to my resume and profile. They were quite similar to the ones that I was actually asked in the interview. After the session, she provided detailed opinions and constructive feedback on each of my answers, which was very helpful. I did well in the interview and felt thankful for the time Jyll spent helping me. I was accepted to Harvard and Stanford. I strongly recommend her to any applicant.

Harvard MBA 2018. OMG I got accepted!! First and foremost, thank you very much again for all your help in the interview phase. Your tips were very useful, and it really made a difference, so thank you! A LOT!

NYU Stern MBA 2019. Jyll came into the interview prepared having read my entire application to simulate the NYU interview experience. My actual interview ended up being much easier than the mock interview and I wasn’t asked any questions that Jyll didn’t cover beforehand. After the mock interview, Jyll gave detailed analysis about what I did well and what needed to be improved. I highly recommend this service for anyone who has been invited to interview at their target school.

LBS MBA 2019. Jyll helped me to prepare the 'perfect' interview. I really wanted to do my MBA at LBS, but I was aware that their interview is particularly challenging. During the mock interview, Jyll covered about 80% of the questions I was asked in the actual interview, and her feedback was extremely useful to arrive there at my best. I would recommend her to everybody.