The 360 Partnership

MBA Admissions Consulting. Together, we’ll complete your MBA applications, from initial strategy through resume assistance, essay outlines and editing, guidance for recommenders – whatever you need.

What's included?

  • Application schedule setup
  • Custom application strategy
  • Essay review and editing
  • Resume review and editing
  • Recommendation review and editing
  • Phone calls, video chats and emails, as needed

Price: $300/hour

Minimum requirement: 5 hours. Additional hours may be purchased as needed

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The Mock Interview

MBA Interview Preparation. The MBA interview is a unique experience. For applicants who have already applied to business school and received an invitation to interview, I offer a 1-hour video session, which includes a real-time MBA mock interview followed by an immediate assessment with specific feedback.

What's included?

  • Custom questions based on your application and the school
  • 30 minute mock MBA interview
  • 20-30 minute live feedback
  • Post-interview email with all questions and notes from the interview

Price: $400

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The Last Look

Final application once-over. Already completed your MBA application and looking for a professional "sense check" before hitting submit? Submit your entire application package, and receive honest, specific feedback on what the admissions committee is looking for, and how to tell your story even better.

What's included?

  • Complete application review: essays, resumes, recommendations, etc.
  • Received a scanned copy of your application with markup notes and comments
  • Email summary of key recommendations for improvement

Price: $400 for first school

$200 each additional school

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The Ding Debrief

If you’re on the MBA waitlist or been rejected from business school, we can work together to help you move forward. Let's review your application and discuss what actions you can take now, uncover the factors that may have derailed your candidacy, and devise a strategy for business school reapplication.

What's included?

  • Application review
  • 20-minute phone call with specific feedback for improvement
  • MBA Waitlist support: action plan for next steps to increase chances of admission
  • MBA Rejection analysis and Reapplicant strategy: in-depth analysis to understand what may have harmed your candidacy, and how to submit a strong application next time

Price: $250 for one school

$100 each additional school

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Ding Debrief clients receive 10% off the purchase of future MBA admissions consulting services.

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