The Ding Debrief

If you’re on the MBA waitlist or been rejected from business school, we can work together to help you move forward. Let's review your application and discuss what actions you can take now, uncover the factors that may have derailed your candidacy, and devise a strategy for business school reapplication.

What's included?

  • Application review
  • 20-minute phone call with specific feedback for improvement
  • MBA Waitlist support: action plan for next steps to increase chances of admission
  • MBA Rejection analysis and Reapplicant strategy: in-depth analysis to understand what may have harmed your candidacy, and how to submit a strong application next time

Price: $250 for one school

$100 each additional school

Ding Debrief clients receive 10% off the purchase of future MBA admissions consulting services.

Why choose It's simple: quality and cost.

We offer comprehensive MBA waitlist support, rejection analysis and reapplicant strategy at competitive prices. In fact, we're so confident in the value of our offering that we've made it easy to compare our pricing to the competition (see list below). We did our homework, and found that the average MBA admissions consulting firm charges $462 for waitlist help or $571 for ding analysis - for one school. That's crazy!

Of course, it's not just about price. You want advice from an experienced MBA alum who knows what it takes to get in to your top school. Here's what a few of our clients have to say who purchased The Ding Debrief and found it so valuable that we worked together on their reapplications.

  • Admitted to Harvard Business School: "After chatting with half a dozen MBA admissions consultants, Jyll stood out. She is a one-woman show, doing this out of passion, not as a pure business, and she made sure to personalise our interactions from the very first Skype call. She does not offer cookie-cutter advice, and took the first hour to identify and isolate my unique strengths. Jyll was quick to review and revert on any material I sent her, and very flexible with timings (We managed to talk despite me being on Indian time and she being on Eastern Time). All her criticisms were to the point, and helped me showcase myself in the best way possible. I am very glad that I took Jyll’s help, and urge other applicants to do the same."
  • Admitted to Darden: "I owe you a big thank you! Darden is a great fit for me. An MBA is surely one of the best decisions I've made, and your help on the application process not only helped me get into Darden, but also some incredible job offers!"

We're proud of the value we offer our clients, and look forward to the privilege of working with you. Contact us today.

Compare our pricing to the competition

We scoured search results for "mba admissions consultants" to find out what our competitors charge for similar MBA ding analysis or MBA waitlist support services. If you don't see a company listed here, it's likely because they don't share pricing on their website. Updated Summer 2019.

Ding WL Website

$900 n/a

$895 n/a

$800 $800

$700 $595

$675 n/a

$650 n/a

$650 n/a

$650 $650

$600 $595

$500 n/a

$500 n/a

$495 n/a

n/a $350

$325 $325

$300 $300

$250 $500

$250 $250

n/a $250