The 360 Partnership

Thinking about applying to business school? Ready to start your MBA application? You've come to the right place for MBA Admissions Consulting. Together, we’ll complete your MBA applications, from initial strategy through resume assistance, essay outlines and editing, guidance for recommenders – whatever you need.

What's included?

  • Application schedule setup
  • Custom application strategy
  • Essay review and editing
  • Resume review and editing
  • Recommendation review and editing
  • Phone calls, video chats and emails, as needed

Price: $300/hour

Minimum requirement: 5 hours. Additional hours may be purchased as needed

Why choose It's simple: quality and cost.

We offer comprehensive MBA admissions consulting services at competitive prices. In fact, we're so confident in the value of our offering that we've made it easy to compare our pricing to the competition (see list below). We did our homework, and found that the average MBA admissions consulting firm charges $4,103 for a one school package. That's crazy!! Of the ones that do offer hourly services, the average is $299/hour. To keep things simple, we charge $300/hour.

Of course, it's not just about price. You want to work with an experienced MBA alum who will help you put together the best version of your candidacy. Here's what a few of our clients have to say about The 360 Partnership.

  • Admitted to Harvard Business School: "I spoke with 6 different companies when first looking for an MBA consultant, and as soon as our consultation began I knew Jyll was the woman for the job. Many of the larger MBA consultancies will provide consultations with senior consultants then (without informing you) hand your case to more junior staff. Mission Accepted works in stark contrast; you work with Jyll exclusively, there is full transparency with commitment levels, time, and cost. Jyll personalizes her approach to suit your timeline and spends her time dedicated to getting you closer to your MBA goals. MBA Consulting is expensive, so get as much value out of the process as you can. My time spent with Jyll helped me articulate my narrative, highlight themes in my experience, and build my confidence. Jyll confirmed what I had always hoped: we aren’t just our quant scores, as future MBA candidates we need to express what we bring to the table, how we are different, and tell our stories proudly. Jyll is truly exceptional at this, and I cannot recommend her enough."
  • Admitted to Chicago Booth: "Jyll is a breath of fresh air in the competitive, snarky world of MBA admissions. I came into this process with no idea how to frame my story, but Jyll's tailored questions and "you on a page" framework helped me approach the application with confidence. Her candid feedback and guidance every step of the way ensured that I was submitting the best application possible. But the best part about working with Jyll was her passion and dedication to my candidacy. She really "got" me, and helped ensure that the admissions committee "got" me, too. To anyone applying to business school who wants to have a true partner in the process, I recommend hiring Jyll."
  • Admitted to Harvard Business School: "After chatting with half a dozen MBA admissions consultants, Jyll stood out. She is a one-woman show, doing this out of passion, not as a pure business, and she made sure to personalise our interactions from the very first Skype call. She does not offer cookie-cutter advice, and took the first hour to identify and isolate my unique strengths. Jyll was quick to review and revert on any material I sent her, and very flexible with timings (We managed to talk despite me being on Indian time and she being on Eastern Time). All her criticisms were to the point, and helped me showcase myself in the best way possible. I am very glad that I took Jyll’s help, and urge other applicants to do the same."
  • Admitted to MIT Sloan: "For B-school essays, being able to narrate your story in a compelling and interesting way is just as important as highlighting your accomplishments. Before working with Jyll, my essays looked more like a resume that just listed my accomplishments. Jyll has a unique talent in which she is able to extract your strengths and narrate your story in a creative, compelling way that will differentiate your app from others. Given this strength and her experience with being an MBA student herself, she really understands the ins and outs of the process and was able to position my accomplishments in a unique way that was hard to do on my own."

We're proud of the value we offer our clients, and look forward to the privilege of working with you. Contact us today.